ioView Winter 2023

ioMosaic’s latest newsletter presents a white paper on understanding and optimizing Organizational Change Management (OCM) systems for process safety. Most companies that handle hazardous materials have a Management of Change (MOC) program that addresses changes to equipment, facilities, and procedures. Some have included organizational changes in their existing MOC procedures or in a separate procedure. However, organizational changes, whether large or small can have less obvious but equally serious impacts on an organization’s process safety performance. In many instances, it may take months or even years to realize the impact on process safety resulting from an organizational change. In some cases the impact has only been identified after a serious incident. In light of the significant reorganization and reassignment of duties which have occurred in recent years, understanding the impact of OCM on process safety is time well spent.  

Also included are valuable insights into the importance of having a systematic method for Management of Change (MOC) by the U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board. An MOC methodology should be applied to operational deviations and variances, as well as to preplanned changes such as those involving technology, processes, and equipment.

A Safety Moment video on PStv® highlights some of the most common pitfalls of a Management of Change (MOC)  program and how to overcome them to improve yours.

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