Best Practices for Calculation of Self Accelerating Reaction Temperatures for Reactive Systems Part 2

In this tutorial, the user is shown how to develop a kinetic model using their reactivity data. Learn how to develop simple iso-conversion kinetic models and develop thermal stability indicators including TSA, TNR (Temperature of No Return), and tMR (Time to Maximum Rate). The user will also learn how to develop detailed kinetic models that can be used for pressure relief systems design and evaluation for the safe storage, processing and transportation of reactive chemicals using the newly upgraded and enhanced Process Safety Office® SuperChems™ software.

This tutorial represents part II of a six-part series. With this kinetic model in hand, the user can later proceed to part 3, where they will be shown more detailed instruction on the Semenov approach for calculating TSA, TNR, and tMR.

Types of kinetic models that can be developed from calorimetry data


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