Process Safety Enterprise® Asset Integrity Management Service (AIMS) and KPI Dashboard

Asset Integrity (AI), also referred to as Mechanical Integrity (MI), is critical for compliance and risk reduction and is part of the OSHA Process Safety Management (PSM) standard in the U.S. According to OSHA guidance on PSM, implementing the required safety programs help prevent fires, explosions, large chemical spills, toxic gas releases, runaway chemical reactions, and other major incidents. Mechanical Integrity (MI) is one element of the PSM standard. Facilities that store highly hazardous chemicals must implement written procedures that ensure that critical process equipment are properly fabricated, tested, inspected, repaired, and maintained. AI findings have consistently remained on top of OSHA’s citation list and poor AI practices have been factors in major incidents world-wide.  

An effective AI program ensures that critical equipment is suitable throughout the life of a process. This challenge requires establishing systems and procedures to collect, store, manage, and track large amounts of information over time. ioMosaic Process Safety Enterprise® Asset Integrity Management Service (AIMS) helps optimize AI programs to stay up-to-date, compliant, and efficient. ioMosaic services support every aspect of an asset integrity program to ensure that facilities runs safely and efficiently to maximize the lifecycle and reliability of assets. ioMosaic training services develop policies and procedures to align with company goals and RAGAGEP. The visual workflows in Process Safety Enterprise® software manage equipment information and inspections with equipment forms, (AI and AI-Findings Workflows), reporting, and KPI functionality. 

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