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Compliance audits are an essential tool for prevention. Watch this presentation by Kamel Balquis to learn the crucial yet often overlooked reasons why compliance audits fail based on analysis of an industry incident. Gain valuable lessons from failure to act on findings, failure to track action items, failure to understand the operational risks, and even failure to follow regulatory requirements. Then get a live demonstration of ioAuditor, the software tool designed to streamline your audit process and reduce your risk.

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Features You’ll Love

  • Visual, intuitive, quantitative, and qualitative reports for presenting and compliance filing
  • Ability to integrate the work of entire teams to prepare comprehensive summaries with a few clicks
  • Track regulatory, local attention, compliance, or RAGAGEP findings and analyze them with ease
  • Identify compliance gaps easily and track action items upon completion of audits
  • Track the auditor’s guidance and create appropriate action items to fill gaps
  • Create a history and log of audits for continuous improvement and compliance
  • Establish, improve, and sustain process safety culture with surveys
  • And more.

Compliance Reporting Templates

  • Audit for the practices of engineering and geoscience consistent with APEGA
  • Inspection and repair practices audit for automatic pressure-relieving devices consistent with API 576
  • Risk Based Process Safety audit consistent with CCPS RBPS
  • Environmental risk management audit consistent with EPA RMP
  • Emergency Relief System’s Process Safety Gap Analysis
  • Environmental Management Plan consistent with ISO 14001
  • Quality Management Audit consistent with ISO 9001
  • Process Safety Management audit consistent with OSHA
  • Behavior-based safety survey and analytics
  • Corporate governance survey and analytics
  • Process safety culture survey and analytics
  • And more.


Featured Case Studies


Benchmarking Current Industry Practices for Handling Highly Toxic Chemicals

An international oil company was preparing to startup a state of the art acid gas injection facility and needed to benchmark against current industry practices for handling large quantities of toxic gas at high pressure.

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Following an incident at a gas processing plant, an examination and analysis were needed to determine what factors may have led to the occurrence.

A major pulp and paper manufacturing company in Mississippi determined that its process safety management (PSM) program had to do more than merely follow OSHA regulations; they wanted it to also be effective in preventing accidents.

A large refinery desired to conduct a third-party audit of their emergency relief systems to ensure that the methodology and engineering analysis used in the design of their emergency relief systems was adequate, conformed to RAGAGEP, and was being performed consistently without significant systemic errors.

Our Team

  • Georges A. Melhem, Ph.D., FAIChE

    President & CEO The founder of ioMosaic and internationally renowned expert in the areas of pressure relief and flare systems design, chemical reaction systems, process safety and risk analysis. Read more...
  • Neil Prophet

    Senior Vice President and Partner He brings over 20 years of experience in pressure relief and flare systems design project management and engineering expertise for chemical, pharmaceutical and petrochemical companies. Read more...
  • John Barker, Ph.D.

    Director The head of our international offices in the U.K. and the Kingdom of Bahrain and an expert in risk management for oil, gas and transportation. Read more...
  • Marcel Amorós Martí

    Director and Partner His expertise consists of a diverse range of industries from chemical and petrochemical to oil and gas and utilities. Read more...
  • Charles Lea, P.E.

    Director, Minneapolis Office Lead He directs a number of large technical projects across multiple offices and is also responsible for all project management in our Minneapolis office. Read more...
  • Dianne Coon, CSP

    Principal Consultant A CSP Certified Safety Professional with 32 years of experience in process safety and health, and safety and environment (HSE) management. Read more...
  • Pamela M. Nelson, CCPSC

    Principal Consultant She leads process safety projects for business units across the U.S., Canada, Thailand, China, and the U.K. Read more...
  • Katherine Anderson, CCPSC

    Senior Principal Consultant Experienced project leader in hazard identification, evaluation, functional safety, process safety and risk management. Read more...
  • Rajeev Kumar

    Safety and Risk Management Consultant Seasoned and versatile professional experienced in international oil and gas technical services, operations support and process safety. Read more...
  • Hamed M.H. Al Nahawi

    Safety and Risk Management Consultant Chemical engineer focused on pressure relief and flare system design and analysis for large chemical and petrochemical companies. Read more...
  • James Close

    Safety and Risk Management Analyst Mr. Close is focused on pressure relief and flare system design and analysis for large chemical and petrochemical companies in Europe and the United States. Read more...

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Why Process Safety Management Audits Fail

Most companies have completed at least three PSM compliance audits of their covered facilities since the promulgation of the OSHA PSM standard. These companies, however, are not seeing noticeable improvements in their PSM programs. In fact, many companies feel that their PSM programs have become less effective. What has happened and why?

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