Effectively Manage Changes to Processes, Chemicals, Equipment, and Personnel Using PSE

One of the most critical components of Process Safety Management (PSM) is the Management of Change (MOC) process. Unfortunately, many companies find MOC difficult to manage as it encompasses a broad scope including changes made to raw materials, process technologies, equipment, procedures, or changes impacting the overall organization. These types of changes must be carefully evaluated to ensure they do not jeopardize the safety of employees and the community, as well as adversely impacting the environment or business continuity. 

An effective MOC process should include the technical basis for the change, safety and health impacts of the change, description of the change, and identification of temporary changes. Additional requirements include identifying changes to Process Safety Information, Operating Procedures, and assurance that training has been provided before the change is implemented. 

Changes to raw materials, buildings and structures, and the organization and personnel should also be reviewed in an MOC process. For instance, changes to raw materials have the potential to impact safety as well as quality. A change in composition, contaminates or materials, if not managed properly, could result in a serious incident.  When modifications are made to buildings and structures, facility siting issues may arise.  

Relocating or establishing raw material or final product storage may introduce an unintended effect on the surrounding area.  

Applying an effective Management of Organizational Change (MOOC) system to address personnel changes ensures that critical safety roles are not left unfilled. Those vital tasks, such as submitting regulatory permit updates, won’t be forgotten. Figure 4 shows how the MOOC process in Process Safety Enterprise® (PSE) can effectively address the reassignment of functions and responsibilities brought about by workforce changes. The addition of this MOOC workflow elevates the safety of a facility even further.

Effective MOC systems help companies identify and mitigate risks, avoid accidents and incidents, and stay compliant with regulations. For businesses serious about implementing a comprehensive and evergreen PSM compliance system, ioMosaic offers PSE (Figure 1). PSE is a cloud-based platform that enables easy ongoing management of process safety data, helping businesses achieve compliance, manage risk, and remain at a competitive advantage. Unlike any other system available in the market today, PSE is a centralized web-based application that integrates all PSM elements and workflows, making it THE best solution for managing MOC processes effectively. 

This white paper will delve into the key aspects of an MOC workflow and show how PSE can help companies improve and elevate their change process while also mitigating future incidents.

Figure 5. Example 1 MOC workflow (single) in Process Safety Enterprise®
Figure 5. Example 1 MOC workflow (single) in Process Safety Enterprise

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